Primary Institutional & Athletics Colors

    • Orange
      PANTONE 151 C
      MADEIRA: 1278
      RA: No Match

    • White
      MADEIRA: 1002
      RA: 2297

    • Smokey Gray
      PANTONE Cool Gray 11 C
      MADEIRA: 1172
      RA: 2396

    Additional Athletic Colors

      • Anthracite
        PANTONE 447 C
        MADEIRA: 1241

      • Lady Vol Blue
        PANTONE Process Blue C
        MADEIRA: 1175
        RA: No Match



    *Approved University colors or the PANTONE® colors listed on this page must be used. The colors on this page are not intended to match PANTONE color standards. For PANTONE color standards, refer to the current editions of the PANTONE color publications. PANTONE® is a registered trademark of PANTONE, Inc.*