To ensure that you are buying a product that is authentic, simply “Look for the Label” that will appear on every licensed product.  Students, alumni, and supporters of the University of Tennessee may be familiar with the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” labels, hang tags, and holograms shown below that adorn licensed products of the University. While these labels may not seem to be a big concern when you are purchasing University of Tennessee merchandise, they are a big concern for the University.


What do these Labels Signify?


It’s more than a label, it’s scholarships.

When you purchase a University of Tennessee product that bears the “Official Licensed Collegiate Products” label, hang tag, or hologram, a portion of your purchase price is returned to the University. At the University of Tennessee, that money helps to provide financial assistance for students. By simply looking for the label when you buy University of Tennessee merchandise, you are helping make the college experience a reality for students who otherwise may be unable to attend.


It’s more than a label, it’s trademark protection.

The trademarks and logos that represent the University of Tennessee are property of the University of Tennessee. Just like any property owner, the University wants to ensure that its property is cared for properly. Use of these trademarks without the permission of the University is illegal, and manufacturers and retailers who use these marks without permission are subject to prosecution.

The “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label, hang tag, or hologram signifies that the University has granted the manufacturer the right to use its trademarks. Without this signification, the merchandise may be counterfeit.


It’s more than a label, it’s your assurance of quality.

The “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label, hang tag, or hologram not only signifies that the manufacturer has been given permission to use the trademarks of the University of Tennessee, but also that the merchandise has passed the strict standards set forth by the University. Through a system of quality control, the label, hang tag, or hologram has come to represent genuine craftsmanship and authenticity, guaranteeing that the product you are purchasing is of the quality you deserve.



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