Trademark Licensing at UT Knoxville.

The office of trademark Licensing exists to protect and promote the indicia (marks, names, and logos) of the University of Tennessee.

Through a partnership with IMG College Licensing, the Trademark Licensing office monitors commercial and internal use of Tennesseee indicia, and is responsible for managing more than 600 licensees producing products bearing Tennessee’s indicia.

We welcome your interest and comments, and hope you will find our site accessible for all your questions and needs!

    • Our trademarks and logos are
      the heart of our brand here at
      The University of Tennessee.
      Upholding integrity is what keeps
      our traditions alive

    • Our colors bring our trademarks
      to life! Correct color
      palettes make all the difference!

    • From the Power T
      to the Vol Navy,
      our traditions stand true

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      a College Crafter for
      the University of Tennesee?

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