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Primary Marks

Athletic Marks

 Men’s Athletics

Knoxville Volunteers The “Power T” is the most recognized and renowned University of Tennessee mark. It was first introduced in 1964 and revised in 1977 to the version it remains today.

 Women’s Athletics

Lady Vols The University of Tennessee Women’s Athletics program is unique in that it has its own primary athletic mark. Often referred to as the “Lady Vol T,” this primary athletic mark represents all women’s varsity sports.

Secondary Mark

Smokey Smokey, a blue tick coon hound and native breed to the state, has been the mascot of the University of Tennessee since 1953. This mark is the primary “Smokey” mark.

Checker Board Mark

Checker Board Mark Neyland Stadium is one of the most recognizable sports venues in the country because of the Checkerboard mark at each end zone. The finished shape of the checkerboard may be any rectangular shape as long as it is made of squares. Additionally, the checkerboard may not be made out of rectangles or any other shape.

Other Athletic Marks

Smokey Smokey Volunteers Horizontal Wordmark Volunteers Stacked Wordmark


Youth Marks

Vols Youth Mark Lady Vols Youth Mark


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